Inserting unserved station(s)/order(s) to other routes in bulk

Select stations which have unserved orders on map to transfer by rectangle or polygon tool.

The following window will appear:


To merge the selected unserved orders into another route in bulk,

Select "Merge into an existing route".

A new window will open.

Select the route you want to add, then click Ok.

When you select the last option "Create new route(s) from selected orders", "Total amount of selected:"area automatically shows the amount of orders in the selected area.

If the total amount of the selected order exceeds the vehicle capacity, more than one vehicle/route will be needed.

If the "max stops per route" is about to be exceeded, then more than one vehicle/route will be needed.

In this case, you must specify the Maximum number of routes that can be created if "vehicle capacity" or "max stops" exceeds.

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