Decentralized transportation between stations

When making route optimization and fleet planning by logvrp;

If the passengers to be transported, will not be picked-up from a central station or delivered to a central station, then we call this as "Decentralized transportation between stations planning".

Exp for "Decentralized transportation between stations planning" case, 

Your station data for your order:

person1 will be picked-up from person1's own address and will be delivered to Hospital-2,

person2 will be picked-up from person2's own address and will be delivered to MedicalCenter-1,

person3 will be picked-up from person3's own address and will be delivered to Hospital-1, 

other people will be picked-up from their addresses and will be delivered to different addresses too.

In such cases;

Every passenger is picked-up from different addresses and delivered different adresses too.

Thus, there is no central pick-up or delivery stations.

Click to learn how to do vehicle route planning with "Decentralized transportation between stations planning for Passenger Freight Services" business model.

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