Computation settings

Computation settings:

  1. Click Settings Menu Item in the Settings Sub Menu item in Operations Menu.
  2. Settings Window will appear.


When "Computation" tab is selected, you can set the following: 


Ask user Suggestion Before Calculation: When the check box is selected, after you click "Calculates Routes" button, it allows you to enter your own routes or any suggestion if you have. Note that: Entering your suggestion functionality is depracated until a new improved version is released. 

Calculate Road Distance Matrix: When the check box is selected and new location is imported or added, the data is taken from google to calculate distance matrix. At the same time, the average travel time between points is also taken from google maps. Note that: If this is clicked, real distance and duration values will be used in route planning and optimization by logvrp. However obtaining real distance and duration values from google maps, takes much time.

To save your settings, click Save button.



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