Deleting a Route or Route Set

Deleting a route

The routes are listed in Routes List in Routes Tab of the Management Panel and also they are shown on the map with road line symbols.

Deleting a route, removes the route from the Route Set, removing it from the Routes List and from the map. Deleting a route does not delete the route from the database of logvrp. 

In order to delete the route from the database of logvrp, the Route Set must be saved after deleting the route. 

To delete a route;

When Results tab is selected, click "Edit" button.                                                            

 When you click "Edit" button, Routes tab will be appear.


To delete the route via the Delete button in the Routes List grid, the following steps must be done: 

  1. Go to the Routes List in Routes Tab of the Management Panel.
  2. Click the delete button of the route to be deleted in the grid.

Deleting a Route Set

Before reading this section, we strongly recommend that you read the The Concepts section before. 

There is an important notice which you should keep in mind. Deleting a Route Set, deletes the following from the database of logvrp: 

  1. The Route Set
  2. Routes which is associated to the Route Set

If you do not want to delete the Route Set from the database of logvrp, but just to remove it from the Routes Tab and from the map, then use Clear Stations or Clear All operations. Since clearing does not delete the data from the database of logvrp. 

To delete a Route Set from the database of logvrp, the following must be done: 

  1. Go to Load Data Sub Menu under the Operations Menu.
  2. Click Load Route Set. Load Data window will appear.
  3. In Load Data window, there is a Delete Button for each Route Set listed.
  4. Click the Delete Button of the Route Set to be deleted.
  5. Then a Confirmation window will appear. If you are sure that you want to delete route set, click YES.


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