Unknown fleet planning

When making fleet planning and route optimization by logvrp;

if the following are unknown before the planning;

- fleet of vehicles (starting points, etc)

- how many vehicles will be required for the operation 


- you want logvrp to find how many vehicles are required for the operation,

- you want logvrp to propose starting points of each vehicle that will be required,

so that,

you can obtain/supply vehicles from third party providers, based on proposal of the logvrp,

then we call this as 

"unknown fleet planning".

In "Unknown fleet planning" case, logvrp determines the appropriate number of vehicles and starting points of each vehicle and their routes.

In such cases, you have to set the "optimization goal" to "Vehicle Decision" before logvrp calculates routes.

Click to learn how to do vehicle route planning with "Unknown fleet and from-to-central location planning for Passenger Freight Services" business model.


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