Road Map v2.2.0

We are planning to add the following features:

  1. New Feature: Stations Tab --> Remove Selected Stations
    1. You will be able to remove multiple stations
  2. New Feature: Orders Tab --> Remove Selected Orders
  3. New Feature: Vehicles Tab --> Remove Selected Vehicles
  4. New Feature: Route Segment Polyline Editing
    1. You will be able to change the route polyline segments on the map by drag drop
    2. In this way, you can refine your route directions
  5. New Feature: Route Editing
    1. You will be able to re-order the visiting stations on the result routes
    2. You will be able move a stop to another result route
    3. In this way, you can re-define your routes after optmization
  6. New Feature: Re-Optimization
    1. You will be able optimize the edited route once more
    2. In this way, you can obtain better routes
  7. New Feature: Save Route
  8. New Feature: Load Route
  9. New Feature: Send Route As Email
    1. You will be able share your routes with some-one
    2. That some-one can inspect routes you created
    3. That some-one can edit routes you created
    4. In this way, you can share and work on routes with your customer
  10. New Feature: Add Custom Logo
    1. You will be able to place your own logo near lovrp logo in the application
  11. New Web Services for the Web Service API
    1. More services will be added in order to manage your data
    2. Services: Station, Vehicle, Order, Parameters
  12. New Integration Method: Pull/Push-type Web Service API
    1. Pull/Push-type web service API will be added.
    2. You will be able to load data (stations, orders, vehicles) from your system if you prepare the web services

All these features are planned to be added until the date of October 15, 2012.
If you have any suggestions about our new releases, we will be pleased to hear them.


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