Dividing Stations Into Groups Geographically

If you have more number of stations than limits, grouping them geographically on the map enables you to split these groups of stations.

To divide a large number of stations into groups geographically, the following steps should be done:

  1. Go to Stations Tab in the Management Panel
  2. If you want to import more than 500 locations, click "Operations" button in the Stations Tab.                                                                                            logvrp.bulk.import.button.png
  3. The application will enter into "Bulk Station Operations" mode. In this mode, you can import more than 500 locations.
  4. You can import stations (locations) by using the "Operations" menu in the Management Panel. Operations > Import CSV/Excel > Stations
  5. Import window will appear on the screen.
  6. In this window, stations that you want to divide geographically into groups are required as a CSV or Excel file.
  7. The CSV/Excel file format for stations is explained in “Importing stations” section.
  8. If "Bulk Station Operations" is enabled, up to 2500 stations can import from a CSV or Excel file.
  9. Click the "Browse" button and select the CSV or Excel file.
  10. When you click the “Import” button, the CSV or Excel file will be read and stations will be placed on the map with information.
  11. After stations are placed on the map, you can group them by selecting stations from the map or “Stations List” on the left.
  12. To select stations on the map, you can use “Select Stations By Rectangle on Map” or “Select Stations By Polygon on Map” tools.                                                       
  13. Now, you can select a region either by a rectangle or polygon on map.
  14. You can also select some of the stations on the Stations List by CTRL + Click on the stations.   
  15. Now, after selecting some stations, you will see that they are highlighted in the Stations Tab and also on the Map.
  16. Then, you can export the "Selected Stations".
  17. Click the "Export" button in the "Stations Tab". If you want to export only the "Selected Stations", choose that option in the export window:                               
  18. Important Note: The selected and exported stations will be removed from the map and “Station List”.
  19. The selected stations will be put into the Excel file.
  20. Later, you can import them into logvrp again.
  21. In this way, you can partition the data you want into groups of stations by geographical locations.
  22. When you are finished, then you can click "Operations" button in the "Stations Tab" and logvrp will return the normal application mode.
  23. Station groups created as a CSV or Excel file and can be imported into logvrp and you can use them later.



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