Exporting Optimum Routes into Excel File

Exporting Optimum Routes into Excel File
To export the optimum routes into a file in Excel format, the following steps must be done: 

Click Export Button in the Management Panel when Results Tab is selected.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
According to your browser settings, a Save/Open File window may appear or saving starts automatically.
Export Format is selected as Excel.
Choose what information you want to see in a Excel:
  • Show Map: You can get a Map View output.
  • Show Jobs: You can see the details, step by step, which locations to be visited, estimated time of arrival and departure.
  • Pick-up Delivery Details: What orders to pick-up at a location.
  • Show Addresses: You can see all adresses for each location.
  • Show Driving Directions: Driving directions between locations along the route.

When you click the preview button, you can see the output preview window.


By clicking Export button, you can save the output into a file in Excel format.



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    Fernando Bajaña

    Good day.


    Yesterday there was an inconvenience when trying to export the results of a planning.


    I press the button "Export" but the application does not perform any function.


    Please your support with this issue.



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