Loading Order Set

To load an Order Set, the following steps should be done: 

  1. Check whether there is any unsaved data, because loading will clear the current data.
  2. Select Orders Tab in the Management Panel.
  3. Click Load Button to load saved order set (group of orders) from logvrp database.                                                                                                               
  4. Load Data window will appear. Load Data window contains Order Set Tab listing previously saved Order Sets.  
  5. In Load Data window, the related Station Set to that Order Set is shown.
  6. Choose the Order Set you want to load.
  7. Click the "Load" button in Load Data window to load the Order Set.
  8. The orders of the loaded Order Set will appear in the Order List of Orders Tab in Management Panel.
  9. The orders of the loaded Order Set will also appear in the map.

As an important reminder, the following must be kept in mind: 

  1. Orders are associated to stations or depot, because the source station and destination station of the request are the stations or depot.
  2. Therefore the Order Set is meaningful only if the associated stations exist.
  3. So the Order Set is associated to the Station Set whose stations or depot is used as the source and destination stations.
  4. Therefore an Order Set has a related Station Set.
  5. When loading an Order Set, its related Station Set must be either loaded already or loaded together.
  6. Therefore, when loading an Order Set, it is not allowed to load an Order Set if its related Station Set is not already loaded.

Please read the The Concepts section if you did not do before. 


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