Computation Tab

Computation Tab resides in the Management Panel. Computation Tab has the following GUI components:

  • Unit
  • Constraint
  • Time
  • Optimization


Unit tab

You can set following:

  • Currency
  • Distance Unit
  • On Calculation Use: what type of distance measure to use.  


You can see the parameters and constraints in the following screenshot.

Max Continious Driwing Time: The maximum driving time of a vehicle without a break to be specified in hours and minutes.

Max Work Time in a Day: The maximum daily working time of a vehicle to be specified in hours and minutes.

Min Pause Time: The rest time is needed after the maximum daily working time of a vehicle is fulled.

Max Numer of Routes: Max number of vehicles/routes that can be used.

Max Route Duration: Max Route Duration (days, hours, minutes).

Max Stops Per Route: The maximum number of stops that can be visited on a route.

Max Distance Per Route: The maximum distance that can be traveled for a route. (km/mil)

Serve same region with same vehicle: If this constraint is selected, all close locations are grouped into regions and a vehicle is restricted to serve only a single region.

Allow multiple depot visit with same vehicle: Whether a vehicle can visit more than one time to a depot is allowed, this constraint is selected. In this case, vehicles can visit a depot more than once.

Categorize Vehicles Delivery or Pick-up: Whether some vehicles should be used only for pick-up and some only for delivery, this constraint is selected.

Avoid Highways: When creating routes whether vehicles should Avoid Highways. Even if you select this constraint, sometimes it is inavitable to avoid highways.

Avoid Tolls: When creating routes whether vehicles should Avoid Tolls. Even if you select this constraint, sometimes it is inavitable to avoid tolls.

Visit Stations Once: If you want to restrict that a vehicle should visit a location only once.

Vehicle End of Day Location: Even the max working hours in a day of a vehicle is filled, vehicle can not finish its jobs yet. And the vehicle should go next day to complete its route. In this case, you can specify where the vehicle should rest. 


You can specify weekly working hours of your fleet.


 Optimization goal:

Before the calculation, choose primary "Optimization Goal" under the Optimization Tab.

Possible Optimization Goals:

  • Balance: logvrp, will try to optimize mainly based on cost and distance together. (recommended)
  • Cost: "Price" priority optimization calculation.
  • Distance: "Distance" priority optimization calculation.
  • Total Time: "Total Time" priority optimization calculation.
  • Route Count: "Total Time" priority optimization calculation.
  • Vehicle Decision: Choose this option only if you do not have/own a fixed fleet of vehicles and you want logvrp to find/recommend vehicles that can serve the orders. When the optimization goal is "Vehicle Decision", logvrp tries to find number of vehicles that will be needed for the operation, starting positon of each vehicle. Then logvrp calculates route plans for those vehicles. If you want to use this optimization goal, 
    • Firstly choose "Vehicle Decision" and save.
    • Then create only one vehicle with starting position set to undefined. logvrp will use this vehicle as a reference vehicle when determining how many such vehicles will be needed for the operation.

Algorithm Details Window

Algorithm Details Window is opened by the Edit Button of an algorithm listed in Algorithm List in the Computation Tab. Algorithm Details Window is to set the adjust algorithm parameters for the current user. The Algorithm Details Window contains the following settings:

  1. Developer Name: The algorithm developer’s name and last name.
  2. Developer E-Mail Address: The e-mail address of the algorithm developer.
  3. VRP Types: The VRP types that the algorithm is designed to solve.
  4. Algorithm Features: The features of the algorithm, such as the constraints it can handle, some VRP type features, etc.
  5. Constraints: The algorithm parameter constraints.
  6. Parameter Values: Specific parameters of algorithm and their values. These play important role in the computations.

These parameter values are preserved for the current user until they are changed.



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