Creating Orders and Order Set

To create a new order, the following steps should be done:

  1. Open the Orders Tab in Management Panel.
  2. Click "Add Order" button in the Orders Tab.
  3. Order Details Window will appear. In this window, fiil the order properties as explained below.
  4. After filling in the form of Order Details Window, click "Add Order" button.
  5. The order will be listed in Order List in Orders Tab of the Management Panel.

New Order Details Window 

  1. Order Id: Automatically set, user can specify.
  2. Load Amount: Amount and type to transport.
  3. Pick-up Location: The source station or depot of the pick-up to be performed.
  4. Loading Duration: Duration of picking up from the source station.
  5. Earliest Pick-up date-time: Earliest date-time for picking up from the source station.
  6. Latest Pick-up date-time: Latest date-time for picking up from the source station.
  7. Delivery Location: The destination station or depot of the delivery to be performed.
  8. Unloading Duration: Duration of delivering to the destination station.
  9. Earliest delivery date-time: Earliest date-time for delivering to destination station.
  10. Latest delivery date-time: Latest date-time for delivering to destination station.

           You can add more than one order at once.

There are simple choises for adding multiple orders:

  • From Selected Stations
  • From every station
  • To Selected Stations
  • To Every Station

 Note the following: 

  1. In order to create an order, there must be at least two stations one which can be the depot.
  2. When an order is created and its source and destination positions are set, then the order becomes dependent to those stations. So, the orders become associated to the current Station Set.
  3. Then the Station Set becomes the related Station Set of that Order Set.
  4. This concept is important in logvrp, because the Order Sets can be loaded with only its related Station Set.

 Note the following: 

  1. Creating a new order does not save the created order into the database of logvrp.
  2. Recently created orders are in an unsaved state, and added to the map as directed arrows and to the Order List in Orders Tab of Management Panel.
  3. If you refresh the page, you will lose your unsaved orders.


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