What is logvrp?

logvrp is a web and Map based vehicle route planner (VRP solver) software with an innovative business model.

logvrp is a "software as a service" (SaaS) web application which incorporates new, revolutionary ideas to meet today’s business requirements of vehicle route optimization and planning.

All the ideas behind logvrp has been introduced in 2008 and presented in the "23rd EURO Conference on OR 2009" in Bonn, Germany with the title "Web and GIS based computational solution to vehicle routing problems". Ideas and realization of logvrp come from experts of NetAkıl who have Bsc and Msc degrees in software engineering, mathematics, scientific computing and optimization.

logvrp is the first step towards a complete logistics framework. In future, it is planned to produce the other components of this complete logistics framework. These components are vehicle tracking, operation management, mobile fleet management applications.

logvrp aims to serve organizations, companies and other businesses to minimize their transportation costs and to plan their transportation activities with an intuitive, easy to use graphical user interface.

Being web and built-in Map based SaaS application, logvrp also increases profit by eliminating investments in IT, GIS map & road data, besides reducing costs directly.

The business model of logvrp, will make commercial users and organizations profit more by providing more solution alternatives. It will also contribute to the evolution of OR (operations research) and optimization theory in vehicle routing. In this model; individuals, researchers, organizations, companies, businesses are parties which can benefit on a common platform. This model gives algorithm developers, researchers and research institutes the opportunity to bring their theoretical results into industry, fast and easy.


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