Orders (Delivery/Pick-up Requests)

Orders are the service requests of customers or delivery/pick-up requests. An order may be picking up some amount of goods from one station or depot and delivering to another station or depot. An order may be picking a passenger from one station and leaving at another station.

In logvrp, orders have source and destination location properties, time windows, load amount, loading and unloading duration properties.

Orders in logvrp have the following properties:

  1. Order Id: Automatically set, user can specify.
  2. Load Amount: Amount and type to transport.
  3. Pick-up Location: The source station or depot of the pick-up to be performed.
  4. Loading Duration: Duration of picking up from the source station.
  5. Earliest Pick-up date-time: Earliest date-time for picking up from the source station.
  6. Latest Pick-up date-time: Latest date-time for picking up from the source station.
  7. Delivery Location: The destination station or depot of the delivery to be performed.
  8. Unloading Duration: Duration of delivering to the destination station.
  9. Earliest delivery date-time: Earliest date-time for delivering to destination station.
  10. Latest delivery date-time: Latest date-time for delivering to destination station.

Order Sets (Delivery/Pick-up Request Sets)

Order Sets in logvrp are the sets of orders. The orders are saved as a set together. The logvrp solvers (algorithms) operate on the sets. The logvrp solvers (algorithms) will try to find a solution which satisfy all orders with the given Vehicle Set.

Since the orders are dependent on stations by source station and destination station, an Order Set is associated with at least 1 Station Set. When order’s source and destination stations are set, then the order is dependent on those stations. The Order Set whose orders are associated with the stations of a Station Set, is said to have related Station Set. Therefore, the Order Set becomes associated to the Station Set. Then, that Station Set is called the related Station Set of the Order Set. This concept is important in loading and saving Order Sets and Station Sets. In order to save an Order Set, its related Station Set must be saved before.


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