Vehicles (Fleet)

Vehicles are the road transportation vehicles which will serve the orders or requests of stations.

Vehicles must have a starting station. The existing stations or depot can be set as the starting position of a vehicle.

Vehicles in logvrp have the following properties:

  1. Vehicle Name: Automatically set, user can specify the name.
  2. Vehicle Starting Position: The station, on which the vehicle starts or parks.
  3. Vehicle Stopping Position: The station, on which the vehicle should stop or park.
  4. Vehicle Active: This shows whether the vehicle will be used in algorithm or not.
  5. Vehicle Capacity: The load capacity of vehicle.
  6. Vehicle Load Type: The type of the vehicle carries.
  7. Vehicle Average Speed
  8. Vehicle Oil Cost Per Km
  9. Vehicle Fix Cost
  10. Vehicle Departure Date: The date on which vehicle can start to service. The vehicle can not be used earlier than this date.
  11. Vehicle Departure Time: The time at which vehicle can start to service. The vehicle can not be used earlier than this time.                                                                                                            

Vehicle Sets (Fleet Sets)

Vehicle Sets in logvrp are the sets of vehicles. The vehicles are saved as a set together. The logvrp solvers (algorithms) operate on the sets.

Since the vehicles are dependent on stations by starting station and stopping station, a Vehicle Set is associated with at least 1 Station Set. When vehicle’s starting and stopping stations are set, then the vehicle is dependent on those stations. The Vehicle Set whose vehicles are associated with the stations of a Station Set, is said to have related Station Set. Therefore, the Vehicle Set becomes associated to the Station Set. Then, that Station Set is called the related Station Set of the Vehicle Set. This concept is important in loading and saving Vehicle Sets and Station Sets. In order to save a Vehicle Set, its related Station Set must be saved before.

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